Speak then to me…



Speak then to me, who neither beg nor fear
Your favour nor your hate

William Shakespeare, Macbeth 1.3

I am a software technology practitioner and entrepreneur. For the last eighteen years I have been involved in innovations relating to process automation. This page has more information about me.

I know a a few things about the technology that is referred to these days as robotic process automation; and I have been involved in the integration of heterogeneous software systems for a fairly long period.

My involvement in software technology patents is listed here and here.

The articles in this blog are my thoughts and opinions about enterprise software, information systems, and related businesses. In my nearly three decades of software industry experience, I have handled various aspects of enterprise software businesses, including executive roles such as CEO, sales operations, strategy, product marketing, finance and planning, legal and contracts, and organisation development. I have also been fortunate to be able to maintain a reasonably high level of hands-on technical competence through these years. This includes systems architecture and design, programming, and devops.

The purpose of writing these blog posts is to present a different perspective on the topic of business process integration and large scale business-to-business automations.


Speak then to me…